Introductory Tandem Flight

1412465_10152168993088703_2039515308_oTandem flight is the quickest way to experience the freedom of foot launched, free flight. We begin with a summarized¬† ground school lesson required to acquaint the student co-pilot with what to expect while launching, flying, & landing. Then we practice running together, very important during launching & landing a bi-place paraglider. After launching into the sky, the lesson continues with an option to control the gliders’ flight path under the guidance of the tandem pilot-in-command. At the conclusion of a paragliding tandem flight, when we get close to the ground, you will be instructed how to safely land.

Depending upon the site we fly; either in Thailand or the U.S., please be advised there is also time involved in travel to the site and return to N.J. or Bangkok.


The total time needed to complete: 2-4 hrs/Total flight time: 20 – 30 min.

Introductory PG Tandem Flight Cost: 5,250THB / US$ 150.

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