One Day Intro to Kiting

Kiting, is the art of inflating the canopy, guiding it over your head and keeping it there. Using equipment supplied by Paraglide Tandem, LLC, we begin by learning the basic techniques and skills required to bring the canopy above you and learn how to keep it ‘over head’.  This may sound easier than it actually is in practice. Depending upon the wind conditions, either light or strong, laminar or turbulent. The practice of kiting is an invaluable tool when it comes to controlling the canopy in flight. The first day of  kiting can be very athletic , so be prepared for a strenuous work-out.

“If you can fly it on the ground, then you can fly it in the air.” Anonymous PG Instructor

One Day Intro to Kiting (6 hour lesson) Cost: Baht 4,250 / US$150.

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