What former paragliding students say about Paraglide Tandem instruction:

Peter Humes is a humble, credible, and approachable instructor who inculates sound risk managements and safety throughout his course. I have had the privilege of flying with Peter since August 2012; he was my sole paragliding instructor from ground school through P-3. He is a true professional, takes his responsibilities as an instructor seriously, and maintains safety as the paramount consideration throughout all his programs and activities. I have also observed his instruction of several other students; he is a consistent professional.”

I have logged over 3,500 flying hours, ranging from Hang gliders and paramotor through fixed wing aircraft including over 2,800 hours in F-16 fighter aircraft. As an instructor and flight examiner, I have found several commonalities in Peter’s method of instruction with all flying , regardless of the type and speed of aircraft being flown. Peter is an outstanding paragliding instructor and it has been an honor to learn from him.           Colonel Greg (Freddy) Kreuder, United States Air Force

I have known Pete Humes for over 4 years and in that time he has proven to be an excellent instructor, a safe pilot and a role model for other pilots in the region. Region 9 of the East Coast, in particular the DMV area, does not have a lot of instructors that spent time and energy in bringing in new pilots into the sport, introducing foreign pilots to our flying sites, as well as provide extra training to improve people skills. Pate has done all that and has been an excellent ambassador of the sport and USHPA.

First hand I have experienced Pete’s teaching skills when obtaining my Tandem Pilot ratings. First and foremost his emphasis is on safety and proper decision making regarding flying. He is patient and very clear in his communication, even in a multicultural environment. His skill level as a pilot and an instructor is superb and very confident inspiring. In addition, taking instruction with Pete is fun and very enjoyable. He makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and yet keeps you focused on the tasks to be undertaken.

Pete Humes has shown to be a very responsible pilot with an impeccable safety record and excellent judgment. As a human being he is kind, humble, and confidence inspiring. In shot a one of a kind fabulous instructor. Uncompromising when it comes to safety, yet flexible and dynamic in his teaching approaches.                       Dr. Peter van Oevelen

I would like to recommend Peter Humes as an instructor of extraordinary talent. I got my P-2 and P-3 with Peter, and honestly I can say that I wish I had also done my P-1 with him. Mainly because he is the best instructor I have worked with and the best instructor that I have observed. Peter is possibly one the best flight instructors I have ever met. His attention to safety and attention to detail in pacing the learning process with his students is phenomenal. Peter goes above and beyond in areas of instruction where many instructors merely throw the curriculum at their students without much regard the true comprehension of the subtle nuances of free aviation flight. Peter’s diligence and knowledge on how to assess conditions and flying sites is second to none. Also, from flying with Peter, I have gotten into the habit of post flight analysis which is really helpful for one’s continuing education as a PG (or HG) pilot. – Jono Fisher

Peter saw me through to my P-2 rating, here in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area, and it was a true pleasure and deeply satisfying experience to consolidate my foreign-earned basic skills under his guidance and to develop them to a P-2 level. Peter both embraced me as a person and made me feel welcome on our flying sites with the local paragliding community. He boosted my sense of self-worth as a developing pilot, and made me feel comfortable among fellow pilots. Peter also systematically and with consistent attention to appropriate next steps in my training, and what was safe for me, built on and adjusted my earlier acquired flying practices to arrive at my P-2 rating. I emphasize how Peter paced my skills development to suit my appropriate and safe development as a pilot. He always kept me in his sight, anticipated, suggested, explained, and was there to effectively and in a nearly seamless manner instruct, I realize now how pre and post-analyses of what we were doing together underpinned my effective development. And at the same time I felt I could thoroughly enjoy my own piloting. Those are true marks of a truly excellent teacher! – Bjorn Jernudd

I was very impressed with the meticulous steps he’d taken and ensuring that I got it right on every skill set required. Safety was the utmost importance and he managed to elaborate in clear details of each procedure, somehow he managed to make it very interesting to listen through all them too. He was patient with me and I learned a great deal of proper techniques that have saved me from disastrous flights and I have been enjoying my flights a lot more ever since. I practiced what I learned from him and it has been setting examples in Malaysia on how to fly properly. I believe his years of experience teaching paragliding has made him a better instructor and I feel privileged to be learning from him. I strongly believe that others who learns from him would feel the same too. – Yusmar Yahaya

I have known Pete for approximately three years and worked with him during the first year as he instructed me towards obtaining my USHPA P-2 rating. During that time I found Pete to be technically competent, practical, creative, and perhaps of most importance to me as my instructor, mature, possessing sound judgment, and absolutely adamant about maintaining the highest levels of safety for me, himself, and any other pilots and observers within his control. I have thought often of his comments regarding knowing when not to fly, and have realized and appreciated (even while parawaiting) the relative importance of safety even over performance. – Dr. Drew Richardson, Retired Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Pete Humes is one of the finest paraglider instructors period. I’ve been privileged to train under his supervision, later he was my examiner who eventually helped me become a member of USHPA. His safety concern during training is unparalleled. As an instructor he has an excellent, coach oriented, leadership approach, he is a great motivator, and most importantly, his passion for the sport of free flying is inspiring. Pete keeps safety as his foremost concern, with all his students, and at a consistent level. His consistency on the training hill, in-flight, and on the ground is impressive. Pete has mastered the art of teaching through his other passions as a yoga instructor and English teacher. His extensive experience as a PG pilot and his excellent knowledge gained flying all over the world makes him an excellent mentor.

“Pete keeps an eye on every little detail during the examination, he makes sure everyone under his supervision is a safe, able, and capable pilot. I feel great flying in his company! Pete has demonstrated his love for the sport by achieving many awards and recognition on an international level – that alone is a great accomplishment.       Ahmad Sayeed

Peter’s love for the sport, attention to detail, care of the glider, and emphasis on safety is second to none. He taught me with such a light heart, always excited and showing passion. Peter has brought his enthusiasm for the sport to Asia, and continues to share his love of paragliding. His love for the sport, attention to safety, and careful instruction will continue to inspire all types of people all around the world! He definitely inspired me to become an instructor someday, which I plan on being!!! – Topher Mira

Peter Humes’ love for free flight is truly amazing. Peter was 100% committed to our local flying community. He spent countless hours giving site intros to new pilots, discussing safety and helping pioneer new local sites with beginners to advanced pilots in mind. Today as a master rated pilot, still sharing and teaching the amazing experience and beauty of free flight with the same level of enthusiasm and safety is amazing and worthy of recognition. He is a true ambassador of our sport. – Justin Miller

Peter Humes’ passion for flying is only exceeded by his love for introducing new people to the art and sport of paragliding. Over the years I have witnessed Peter’s growth as a master rated pilot and a safety minded instructor. We of USHPA are fortunate indeed to have such an enthusiastic ambassador for our sport. Mr. Humes’ recent forays, teaching many nationalities and securing new sites, are sure to bring additional exposure to paragliding and USHPA. – Anthony Abate

In my 20+ year flying career which spans from paragliding to helicopters it is rare to find an instructor that can effectively cover the whole spectrum required to be a truly great instructor. Peter Humes is one of those rare people. Being a great instructor not only requires a deep knowledge of the written but also of human nature and being able to deal with a great variety of personalities. Being able to have a smile when needed, be stern when needed, being patient when needed, push people when needed and being able to transfer the wealth of knowledge effectively requires a special person. Peter Humes does all this and does it with such a great attitude, it encourages you as a student to want to progress and come back for more. Peter is a role model for myself and how I want to be when I become an instructor, he is in a league that only a few are in.                    Michael Gambrill

“Last year I had the awesome pleasure to fly and train with Pete Humes in Oludeniz, Turkey. Since my beginning paragliding training, I have met and trained with some of the best in the World; Jocky Senderson, Russell Ogden, Murat Tuzer, etc., and I have to say, Pete is also one of the best. Apart from his experience, knowledge, & skills is his amazing positive attitude, and patience with his students. To deal with a new beginning student is relatively easy, when you know your job. But dealing with advanced & experienced pilots, and correcting their  mistakes and influencing them to correct their old habits is not easy. That, my friends, takes a huge amount of patience and psychological power. It was a joy to observe this method of overcoming adverse resistance and seeing acceptance in his teaching technique and results in the learning process. It is a great privilege to be one of Pete’s paragliding students.” – Dr. Ali Atarod

“Pete Humes embodies what paragliding is about, and should be about. What I mean is that our trips combine learning, with fun, with a challenge, and finally they seem very in-tune with the future and past of the sport. Pete has expanded my knowledge of paragliding, really solidifying a base of information I had. We have traveled to multiple sites over the past 5-6 months. Often we hike and fly. I’ve spend a lot of time with him ridge soaring and thermaling. Expanded my flights from minutes long, to now a couple of hours. Worked on landings a lot. Pete’s knowledge of local wind conditions and the sites has made it easy for me to understand how to be more independent about making those sorts of determinations myself. How are the weather  conditions, and wind conditions, will they suit this site? We always make an effort to leave a launch site better than when we found it. I see that is something he really feels strongly about. And we have always worked on that a bit, during the 4-5 days we will be at any site. Pete is a great diplomat for paragliding in the areas we fly. Smoothing our way into the local paragliding communities. Pete’s knowledge and experience  gave me confidence. This confidence lead to many, many flights over the months of his teaching and has re-energized my enthusiasm for the sport. I think he is a great instructor and a great diplomat for the sport.”                      Dr. Michael Marino


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