Complete P-2 Training Course

The Complete P-2 Training Course is designed to help potential pilots learn the essential knowledge and practical skills need to fulfill the basic requirements of a Novice rating in the USHPA and RASAT Paragliding Proficiency Programs. We begin the course with ground school to learn about aerodynamics, flight aspects, weather, FAA Part 103, rules & regulations (international standards). The next lesson begins with canopy recognition/equipment familiarization & kiting instruction. When the student is comfortable with kiting and canopy management, we will then go to a local ‘practice hill’ to begin short, low, flights for a few days of lessons. The final few days are spent at a local mountain site with radio assistance from the instructor.  Depending upon the student’s commitment, and ability to kite often, a Novice (USHPA P-2) or (RASAT PL-1) rating can be achieved in about 8-10 lessons (25 solo flights required).

Novice Special Skills available: (FL) Foot Launch, (FSL) Flat Slope Launch, (RS) Ridge Soaring, (CL) Cliff Launch, & (360) 360 Turns.


Complete P-2 (USHPA) or PL-1 (RASAT) Training Course Cost:

Thai baht 52,500 / US$ 1,500.


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