DSC_0081At Paraglide Tandem, LLC you can experience the joy of free flight with an introductory tandem flight.

If you are committed to learning ground school knowledge and the practical application of flight dynamics, then maybe you would like to try your hand at kiting basics which can be learned within a day class. If you are certain, after one of the introductory lessons mentioned above, then you can enroll in our comprehensive SP-2 (Intermediate) training course explained under the Complete Novice (SP-2) Training Course page. In the course of beginning paragliding we will be using ‘school equipment’ that is airworthy but not high performance any longer. After a few lessons, your equipment needs will beĀ  discussed in detail with the instructor.

If you wish to enroll in the Complete Novice (SP-2) Training Course after an Introductory Lesson, the $150. introductory lesson fee will be applied to the $1,500. Novice (SP-2) Course fee.

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