Tandem Training Courses

The Tandem Training Seminars are for P-4 USHPA rated or RASAT PL-3 rated pilots who want to learn Bi-Place flight. Course I is a 3 day weekend of tandem training to achieve a T-1 rating. Following a period of experience, a T-1 rated tandem pilot can become an USHPA T-3 (Tandem Instructor) after 25 tandem flights as Pilot-in-Command AND attendance of Seminar II, T-3 Tandem Instructor training. All instructor candidates are required to be current in First Aid Training, pass the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) written exam and provide a Tandem Training Syllabus.

USHPA Tandem Ratings are ONLY available for U.S. citizens with USHPA membership.

Please inquire via email about other tandem rating options available.

Call for information: +66(0)83-015-0502

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